Deathwatch: Windows 8

14 January 2014

windows-8 Windows 8 has pretty much been a disaster for Microsoft. Unfathomably, the OS was taken through all that testing, seen by all those techie people and focus groups and not one of them managed to convey to Microsoft just how dreadful and counter-intuitive the whole thing is.

Of course, with Microsoft spending money on it, they've had to ride it out for a while, if only to keep their pride intact.

However, that's all about to change as, according to those familiar with the situation, there's a new Windows ready to drop, which means Microsoft are finally ready to send Windows 8 to the guillotine.

The new system is codenamed Threshold and it will be released in 2015 as Windows 9.

At the BUILD conference, Microsoft are likely to outline what they intend to do with the new system and talk about the vision of Threshold and all that. Either way, you hope that Microsoft will actually seek out some feedback this time, rather than steaming ahead with something that, if you can imagine it, ends up worse than Windows 8.

It is obvious that Microsoft need to generate some excitement about the new OS because they've been lacking in love for a long time now. With Vista and 8 both getting roundly kicked, Microsoft need to get this one right or forever have Apple ringing them up and laughing down the phone at them while the rest of the world swears under its breath about clunky software.

One thing Microsoft need to do is to combine users fondness for apps and move to a return of something like the old Start menu, so they can combine what made Microsoft so successful for so long, with something more modern. There's a lot riding on this.

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  • Han S.
    If it's "ready to drop" why isn't it being released until next year?
  • Meh
    I use Windows 8. It's alright really, providing you install 8.1 and don't use the hideous start menu.
  • Steve O.
    This isn't Microsoft dropping Windows 8 any more than it 'dropped' Windows 7. Win 8 was released 3 years about Win 7. Win 9 will be released 3 years after Win 8. It's just the next version. Looking forward to the story of Apple dropping the disastrous iPad when the next one is announced.
  • grand
    Except, Mr Steve O, Win 8 has (probably) been a fucking flop. MS was claiming last year they'd sold 100m licenses, but didn't mention that many of those licenses never actually got used. Someone checked the figures using web traffic stats and found there were only about 58m copies of Win 8 in use, and it was likely getting less than 10m installs per month, half what Win 7 achieved.
  • Warwick H.
    MS reached its peak with XP Pro and IMHO has not topped it with the cash cow rubbish that has been peddled since, its a great pity that support is ending as millions worldwide still use it including myself.
  • VulvaRevolver
    Warick Hunt, Windows XP will be 13 years old soon. Windows 7 was better in every conceivable way. Move on.
  • Tim
    The only problem with Win 8 has been the way it was marketed and not providing a decent option to provide the XP/Win7 experience for upgraders on the desktop if they wanted. Win 8, even RT, is actually perfect for the mobile device, i.e. phones & tablets. The problem however was marketing RT as 'Windows' and consumers not understanding they can't run Windows apps on it. However an RT tablet is no different to an iOS tablet, which can't run OS X apps on it. This confusion, combined with the over-hyped desktop start menu fuss, however has led to strong backlash, lack of enthusiasm for Win 8, and thus companies not commissioning versions of their apps for the Win app store. Lack of the apps has seriously harmed RT as a result which harms the image of Win 8, even though those apps are largely irrelevant for the desktop. But the media backlash has killed RT. Win 8 on the desktop is a big issue for desktop users who don't want Metro, except they can easily get around this and there are solutions to provide the old style menu also, so really it's hardly an issue at all, but everyone bitches about this non-issue that it's become a big issue. Meanwhile Windows Phone is actually doing rather well, which has the same tile interface as all the other editions of Win 8, which is really what MS were trying to achieve. It's the right idea, but they made a bit of a hash of educating the public.
  • ed
    Windows 8 was obviously aimed at kids /young adults in the hope that'll it make them buy even more 'apps' or music or videos. Youngsters are easily parted from their cash, and Microsoft know this. They just wanted as many copies of Windows 8 out there as possible, so as many kids as possible were exposed to its cynical, money grabbing interface. Boring old grown ups were expected to put up with it even thought it made normal, mundane work on a PC or desktop much more inconvenient.
  • Window B.
    [...] Follow this link: Deathwatch: Windows 8 | BitterWallet [...]
  • Ali B.
  • Billybobjimbob
    @ Tim You're on the wrong site if you think anybody gives a flying one about that. Just have a rant and call the previous poster a c*nt - that's what everybody else does.
  • Red M.
    You are such a cunt
  • JonB
    @Mof: "Unfathomably, the OS was taken through all that testing, seen by all those techie people and focus groups and not one of them managed to convey to Microsoft just how dreadful and counter-intuitive the whole thing is." Win8 was Steve Ballmer's baby. 'Nuff said.
  • Monkey t.
    @Tim Nice words, but marketing etc. is a waste of time when you are selling an OS with two different interfaces, one of which is entirely pointless and superfluous; most people don't want to piss about with tiles and apps when they want to use Excel, spend half an hour figuring out where a file is or where the control panel has sodded off to.
  • Matt
    Just stick with the time tested rules when it comes to Windows OS, skip every other one. Windows 98 -> XP -> 7 -> 9 = Good ME->Vista->8 = Bad
  • jimmidill
    I just casually read out a bit of this article in work, there is now an ENTIRE bank of desks ranting passionately about Windows 8. I've just been told off by my colleagues for bringing it up.
  • Tim W.
    I still rollin' wit Windows 98. HOLD TIGHT
  • Chris
    I persisted with Windows 8 for a few months after initially hating it. I gave in and wanted the most recent OS and I think that's probably why a lot of people ended up on Windows 8, that and it being force-fed to computer and tablet buyers. It still wasn't for me. At the end of the day, Windows 8 is a bad OS; granted it has the same fate as Vista with garnering an even worse reputation at the mercy of consumers. But still, it's bad - it's unfinished, it's ugly and it's unintuitive. The bugs are frustrating - predominantly Metro which seems to just have bad days where apps won't open or tiles will reorder themselves. Then there's actual problems with the Core OS itself; explorer sending you in infinite loops when searching for music files, random explorer reboots or the app-switcher becoming jammed off-screen. Amongst all the people that hate it are those who think they like it and those who actually like it (but are probably a bit stupid). All in all, I'll be glad to see this Windows 9, though if it's going to do things right then it might just have to return to the ways of Windows 7, just with a fresher interface for 2015.

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