Deathwatch: Sony in £3.5bn worth of trouble

10 May 2012

6_sony_logo_wElectronics behemoth, Sony, are in a world of brown, warm-trousered trouble. They knew it was coming too. They sacked a load of staff in an attempt to start getting the money moving in the right direction, but alas, they've still had to announce that they're in trouble to the tidy tune of 456.7bn yen. Or, if you prefer, £3.5bn.

That staggering amount is double the loss Sony made last year, which means that one of the most famous brands in our lifetime could be sliding into the sea with concrete boots on.

The natural disasters that hit Japan have hit the company hard, but elsewhere, Sony's once healthy TV wing is now being kicked around by Samsung who seem to be taking over the show. Sony's smartphones are offering a small ray of hope, but the chances of Xperia overtaking HTC, Samsung and Apple are slim-to-none.

It appears that Sony needs to innovate again, to shake things up. The Walkman was one of the most iconic pieces of technology ever created and the PS1 really blew some minds. However, since then, it has been playing catch-up with the rest of the technology world. What do Sony need to invent to get back in the game? Readers, it's over to you...


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  • Mike H.
    They know what they need to do, they won't fucking do it though.
  • Gunn
    They have loads of great products but perhaps they just need to cut back on the amount.
  • Matt J.
    They could do without launching the Playstation 4 at £600, or whatever fucking mental price they sent the 3 out at.
  • @Jaffo
    They could start with hiring a decent UI designer; XMB is awful.
  • Grumpy B.
    Do they really need the PS4, just yet? I mean, it won't be a massive leap forward in terms of anything, it does blu-ray, 3D good graphics? What more can they improve on?
  • klingelton
    ps3 market is saturated.
  • Chelmsfordman
    If they release a new console late to the market (like they did with Ps3) it needs to at least be better than the offering already out there, rather than be overly expensive inorder to make blu ray the new format, lack a decent GPU and have a CPU no one outside of Sony had the foggiest for 4 years how to program to get anything out of it. Sony need to stop being late, last and then offer something everyone except blind fanboys can see as inferior yet more expensive to the alternatives and that not just consoles but Tv's, blu ray players, car stereos, home cinema set ups...... the lot!
  • foxes
    They would have to focus on quality again. Lots of people trusted Sony as a brand and the company allowed other manufacturers to use the badge for a royalty. Loyal customers were let down by the shoddy equipment now carrying the sony badge. Sony have a future only if they can regain premium status.
  • LanceVance
    They need to start selling weed, or speed, or coke, or crack, or PcP, or E. Any of these things will turn a profit for Sony. They also need to stop selling over priced tat.
  • bob
    Apple or google will be sniffing around as a way to get into the home entertainment market. Bye bye Sony
  • Paddy
    Stop trying to push your own formats that no-one else adopts over the long term. Atrac (Which was excellent but you couldn't play atrac format music on anything other than the atrac cd player). Minidisc Memorystick Your home entertainment stuff is way overpriced and the Sony Entertainment Centres are uncompetitive.
  • Ex-FanBoi
    Prices too high, lack of support for devices, proprietary memory sticks, proprietary connections to get TV online - frankly stopped buying Sony stuff when it comes to the devices I use the most (eg phones/MP3/laptops/e-readers/tablets) etc, they never fix any of the software bugs, all Sony's add ons are made for other devices and not their own (at the time of my Sony MP3 all their docks were for Ipod not their own MP3, they didnt even sell a case for it), E reader still not working right in UK, still not fixed - damn dont get me started - I gave up with Sony a couple of years ago and it was liberating to get updates and support for shit that doesnt work.
  • Capability B.
    They need to make vibrators for ladies like me
  • Dogturd A.
    Foxes. They need more foxes.
  • Chlamydia P.
    The proprietary formats were pure greed, they've also been a bit shit at supporting products, prefering to make you by a new model. Greed and stupidity.
  • Joydivider
    Well they have egg on their face that the walkman market has been taken over by apple. Releasing the first version PS3 at £450 was a marketing disaster! Daft decisions on umd discs and their own memory sticks They have never had so much competition and better value is to be had elsewhere. Sony are no longer a premium brand and they seem to have lost the design edge. They need some killer products at the right price and fast!
  • mike
    Final nail in the coffin - relying way WAY too much on being Sony. "we are Sony, therefore no matter what we do, we will win......" attitude caused by success of PS2 and belief this will automatically translate into every other business and product no matter the quality or after-sales support.
  • me
    My 800 quid tv does not support avi!!! Cunts!!!
  • Zleet
    @me Couldn't have said it better. I ended up having to buy a standalone media player because fucking cinavia made the Ps3 useless and none of my other Sony devices will play files my old supermarket brand DVD player can handle.
  • Richard M.
    Sony so far.
  • Turd M.
    Here is the news. Sony are not going out of business. Go into any electrical store, any recording studio, any home, anyWHERE and you'll see Sony products. That is the end of the news.

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