Deathwatch: Smartphones to kill MP3 players?

28 December 2012

Not too long ago, the MP3 was the leader of the pack in the digital revolution. However, in no time at all, it already looks like MP3 players are to become as outdated, just like DAT.

UK sales of iPods and other MP3 players have slumped because people are more interested in buying smarter smartphones, which effectively replace the need for any type of MP3 player.

According to analysis, sales of MP3 players fell by almost £110 million. Obviously, there's still a huge market for them, but it seems that this gadget is in decline. No longer is the iPod the go-to device for people to listen to music on, soon shunting all MP3 players into the skip filled with MiniDiscs, portable CD players and WalkMans.

Samuel Gee, a technology analyst at Mintel, said that the decline in MP3 sales is “unlikely to reverse”, adding: “It is impossible to talk about the current PMP market without extensive reference to smartphones. The devices have directly contributed to the sharp decline in the value of PMP sales.”

It seems that MP3 players aren't convenient enough for consumers, as phones can make calls, browse the web and Tweet, whereas MP3 players just serve one primary function and don't connect to Spotify or whatever.

As well as MP3s going down the pan, digital camera sales are also suffering, which is another Deathwatch to keep an eye on.


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  • Inspector G.
    Funny, I always thought the plural of Walkman was Walkmen.
  • LancerVancer
    I'm still waiting for them to bring out the portable LP player. Its got to have antishock for when I'm jogging. (jogging means running away from the local grow house with a couple of full carrier bags) Happy New Year to all the sad fucktards that frequent this dump. Flex wit da Herb!!
  • captain c.
    They already DID the portable record player - I think it was called the Sound Burger. Anyway, back on topic, yes - idiots will spend on shiny things because they can do JUST what their OLD shiny thing could do; but most of them are too stupid to realise that a dedicated player not only has better sound, but the battery LASTS LONGER than a smart phone. My "old" Creative Zen keeps me boogy'ing at work for a week on a single charge and my non-"smart" Samsung phone also runs 8-12 days between charges. If I want to browse the internet I USE MY PC!! (or Netbook if urgent)
  • LancerVancer
    Thanks cretin, it hasn't got antishock though.
  • Skymarshall
    But Cretin. How do you you InstaFacebookagram your truly awe-inspiring photomawhatsits?
  • JonB
    iPods play AACs not MP3s if you buy your music from iTunes. You should have stuck to the term used by the Mintel guy - PMP.
  • fra
    @JonB iPods play a range of digital music formats including AAC and MP3...oh and MP3 VBR, Audible (formats 2, 3, 4, Audible Enhanced Audio, AAX and AAX+), Apple Lossless, AIFF and WAV Most will also play video too....
  • @PurpAv
    Cheap MP3 player -- $15, runs for many hours. Contains no personal data. Not a theft target anymore. Cheap smart phone $100, runs for two hours. Contains personal data. Major theft target.

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