Deathwatch: Nokia to cut 10,000 jobs

14 June 2012

Bitterwallet - Nokia 2630These days, Nokia is bumbling around like a dog that really needs to be put down as an act of mercy. All the news that comes out of Nokia HQ is bad news. And now the beleaguered company is trying to stay alive by cutting a further 10,000 jobs over 18 months.

That means, since September 2010, they've had to cull more than 40,000 people from the firm. A lousy state of affairs, brought on by losing ground to HTC and Apple. It doesn't end there either. Nokia has also announced a £760m first-quarter loss last month.

Nokia still has hope (Christ, it's awful to watch such blind desperation) saying that they are aiming to getting back to profit-making ways by sharpening-up their strategy and improving their operating model.

Meanwhile, shares have crashed more than 70%.

Nokia dropped their own Symbian smartphone OS and switched to Microsoft's Windows Phone system, which hardly anyone uses. All the while, Apple's iPhone goes from strength-to-strength, as does Google's Android, with Samsung and HTC really throwing their weight around at the minute.

Once upon a time, Nokia made the best and most popular phone around and now, it needs to get something sorted or it'll vanish, assigned to the great skip in the sky filled with cassettes, MiniDisc players and Atari Lynx games.

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  • Me
    Told ya!
  • Wongaporkpies
    Nokia disconnecting people :p
  • Paul G.
    It's not like they are real jobs though... they are Johnny Foreigner jobs. The biggest casualty is Nokia's only manufacturing plant in Finland, which is to be closed. It will also shut some research and development projects in Germany and Canada.
    RIM are in the poo as well, but at least their sinking ship is still trying to champion and develop Blackberry OS...Nokia gave up on Symbian and are using an OS that no one is buying.
    Atari Lynx games?..make that Atari Jaguar games more like.
  • Idi A.
    My six year old Nokia has voice recognition. I wonder if it recognises the word "Siri"? I'm gonna try.
  • catweazle
    Judging by the crap software they put out as first Ovi Suite and now Nokia Suite , neither of which have solved the drivers problems in Windows for a lot of users, perhaps it's all for the best.
  • Zleet
    Wait.........Nokia is still around?
  • Mustapha S.
    "Microsoft’s Windows Phone system, which hardly anyone uses." Shame, 'cos its miles better than android and ios.
  • Chewbacca
    “Microsoft’s Windows Phone system, which hardly anyone uses.” Unfortunately, too true. I'm a convert to WP7 from both iSheep and fandroid devices, and I must say WP7 is a revelation. You get the fanbois going on about their androids having dual/quad core etc and why, somehow, this makes them better. Truth is WP7 phones don't NEED dual cores etc as the platform isn't so goddamned fragmented and unoptimised in the first place. It does need more apps, although we recently broke through the 100,000 app barrier. And, unlike other platforms, less than 0.1% are fart apps....
  • Joulupukki
    Vittu te kaikki!
  • Sicknote
    Is it cos they make shit phones and for reasons that escape the sense of any sane man partnered with those ass clowns at Microshaft....?
  • Raggedy
    So farewell then Nokia. I enjoyed your adverts with the monk lusting after nuns and getting a call from some higher holy advisor who put his thoughts back on the straight and narrow. Me? I'm still lusting after the nuns. Time for a glass of wine and a box of tissues.
  • MC Y.
    Not really a suprise Nokia are on the way out they failed to see in the 90's inidicators such as HTC made the ipaqs (care of compaq) apple newton etc would use their skills to make phones.

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