Deathwatch: Internet Explorer

internet-explorer We spoke about Project Spartan and the sweeping away of Microsoft's Internet Explorer at Christmas, and now, after 20 years in the game, it looks like IE is going the same way as Britpop - a vaguely embarrassing footnote in pop culture.

That said, we've all been a little unfair on IE, despite the many obvious flaws it has.

IE was there at the start of most people's internet browsing, launching billions of pages and filled with innovations that were much copied and help to shape the internet as we know it. It originally killed off Netscape Navigator, before coming up against Chrome, Safari and Firefox and soon enough, when hackers had their way with it, entire governments were advising you didn't use IE.

However, those that lead the way don't always last forever, and Microsoft look ready to put the browser to bed. Microsoft’s head of marketing announced this week that there is going to be a new browser, currently code-named Project Spartan. Chris Capossela said: "We’re now researching what the new brand, or the new name, for our browser should be."

Internet Explorer went from accounting for 95% of all browsing, but these days, it is much less fancied, thanks to the previously mentioned problems and competitors, and not to mention the fact that Microsoft failed to keep up with people's web habits.

However, Microsoft aren't giving up and, after dominating Web 1.0, they're skipping 2.0 and eyeing up Web 3.0 or, if you prefer, the terribly named 'Internet Of Things'.

It looks like Spartan (whatever it ends up being called), will be robust and stripped down, like Chrome. It could also be unveiled in the next 4 weeks, if rumours are to be believed. Sadly, it might also feature the chippy Microsoft equivalent of Siri - Cortana - who made Clean Bandit laugh so much in those appalling adverts (below).

Anyway, for now, we bid Internet Explorer farewell. Thanks for enabling much of the Western world to get access to dirty films in a much easier way.


  • Donaldo
    Is that what a band looks like these days? WTF
  • Albi
    Tragic advert.
  • Father J.
    Thank you and fuck off. Worst browser ever.

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