Deathwatch: Google Glass

16 January 2015

google glass Google Glass is no more. Or at least the first phase of it anyway.

Which will be great news for the beleagured supermarket chain that's just released an app with them, eh?

Google have admitted that the whole Glass thing isn't really happening, and has decided to halt sales of its specs. They've said that they are committed to unveiling some form of eyewear at some point, but the current model is to be no more.

The uptake has been slow to say to least, as people decided they didn't want to look a bit Borg-y, but after an initial roll out in 2013 and in the UK in 2014, the mass rollout didn't happen. So Google have stopped taking orders as of January 19th.

Google Glass was also one of the big wearable tech launches, and so it will be interesting to see how all the rest fare in the coming months.

Google said it would still offer support to companies that already use Glass, which is kind of them. Maybe for the next push, they might consider making them less expensive?

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