25 April 2014

Finally, social media graveyard Google+ may be on the outs. For most people it's a haunted cobwebby thing which is only used for SEO purposes and creepy paedo meet ups. In fact, the only people who ever talk about Google+ are people who work at Google, and are required to be on it by law otherwise they’re not allowed to use the bouncy castle in the canteen or rollerskate at the ideas rink.


And now the boss of Google+, Vic Gundotra, will presumably will be deleting his profile after announcing his departure. Ok, so he used Google+ to announce it (he’s still under contract, after all), but it’s another indication that Google are slowly pulling away from Google+ because it’s a bit lame and embarrassing and it will never be able to compete with Facebook and Twitter.

According to rumours, after Gundotra leaves, over 1000 employees will be quietly moved to work on Android. Google+ won’t be scrapped entirely – but it’s likely that they’ll use it as a platform rather than trying to push it onto people who very obviously don’t care.

Oh well. Byeeeeee. Nice, er, not using you.


    Oh what a non-shocker...another journo pulling utter bollocks out of thin air.
  • Mike
    I suspect he is mocking Techcrunch, as quite obviously you have to be a total pleb to actually believe this. Anyone that genuinely thing G+ is a graveyard either doesn't know how to use it, or has been sucked in by the press with a vested interest in it to fail (usually Facebook shares). If you are one of the unfortunate few with low intelligence and actually believe this tripe, may I suggest you read this: If there are words you don't understand, get a grown-up to help.

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