Death of the High Street Part 895: iPad shopping

Online shopping is booming, and will account for £1 in every £7 spent by 2018. At the moment it’s one pound in ten, but with the popularity of tablets and smartphones continuing we’re preferring to click from the comfort of our homes - rather than go into a store and be surrounded by the odious general public and unfavourable, harsh lighting.


This statistic, from the retail consultancy Verdict, is the latest nail in high street’s well and truly hammered coffin. Families sitting on large sofas with ipads, laughing and joking and enjoying quality time together, are replacing families piling into a car and having vicious arguments in Debenhams. The ONS survey of 10,000 shoppers found only 4% more people considered shopping in stores to be more enjoyable than online – compared to 25% 18 months ago.

Patrick O’Brien, lead analyst at Verdict, said. ‘67% said they shopped from their living room, indicating that second screening, browsing websites while watching TV, has had a major impact.’

So how will the high street react to the rise of cosy living room iPad shopping? Will it have to provide explosions and fireworks and events to drag people out of the house and into stores? Naked assistants with free copies of GTA V attached to their extremities?

What do you think?

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