Dear Google, you do realise it should say "Google"?


  • Mike e.
    I Googled Google and I think I have brought the internet to its knees.
  • Egg
    Why would it bring up google when you searched in google in the first place?
  • bawbag
    The Sun's "Head of Search" is slacking. He should have been the first to break this story, not BW.
  • Stu
    If you look further down the page, Google is about 4th from bottom
  • Nobby
    Egg - the search is for "search", not "google".
  • Chris
    Try searching for "search engine"....1st result 'Dogpile' nuff said...
  • JR
    You've clearly found Google, the pigeons powering PageRank have clearly noticed that you're not searching for the page you're on. Etc.
  • Paul S.
    That doesn't make any sense. Google is listed further down the first page - inbetween Yahoo and Ask Jeeves. How does that work then, JR?
  • numberwang
  • Nobby
    >I Googled Google and I think I have brought the internet to its knees.
  • Junkyard
    You do realise that those first three results on the page, above the horizontal line, are paid-for adverts rather than search results? Microsoft has no doubt paid Google a fortune for a first-place listing on this particular keyword. Why should Google bother putting themselves at the top of this list? Anyone dumb enough to go to a search engine and search on the word "search" deserves to end up at Bing.
  • Jas
    Well said Junkyard this is quite a pointless story.
  • Jase
    @JunkYard - sorry but you're wrong. The 3 links at the top are for the search "search"...the ones below the line are for the search "search recruitment". The only sponsored advertisement is at the right-hand side, and that's Google. Then after that its the local businesses bit. So Bitterwallet are correct.
  • Jase
    Search "bing" using Google and the link at the top is paid for. A better story for this would've been that Bing had to pay for a sponsored link at Google when searching "Bing", because the bad choice of name makes it clash with Bingo websites (which is a VERY big market to compete against).

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