Deal Attack! Get a 244-song Sinatra MP3 box-set for less than a tenner from Amazon

Ol' Blue Eyes, Frank Sinatra, still captivates millions with his swing 'n' big bandery and to this day, still epitomises cool to a certain type of person. Of course, there's others who think he's shit... and those people are advised to look away now as we're going to point you in the direction of... well... to say this is a bargain is something of an understatement.

Now, Amazon have been known to make massive errors on pricing things up before and it's not clear whether this latest thing is a mistake or not.

Basically, for a paltry £8.99, Amazon are selling 'Concepts' by Frank Sinatra. That's a smooth, swingin' 244 digitally remastered tracks. If you were to buy those tracks individually, it'd cost you £160 more or something.

The deal is live at the time of press so get in there quick before someone realises the terrible error they've made. Our Andy is already on it and can vouch for it working!

Don't say we never do anything nice for you.



    Frank Sinatra = talentless prick.
  • DX
    This is a deal? I see you are a massive Sinatra fan then. I seriously doubt many others will feel the same!
  • Gunn
    You never do anything nice for us. No, really Day in, day out - it's the same old trashy articles posted by people who think that they're God's gift to comedy or the occasional deal posting which most likely all of your very few visitors will probably have come across on HUKD already. The only time I took notice was when you posted an article regarding an error by 3 which saw them publish contact details of thousands of customers on their website somewhere (simply because I was a customer with them at the time unfortunately) before proceeding to brag about it!
  • MickeyB
    Or I could download it off thepiratebay for £0.00. Tough decision.
  • Paul S.
    Gunn - are you the same Gunn who sends us material for the site, or somebody else who thinks it's hilarious to post under the names of other commenters?
  • Gunn
    I might be the Gunn in question, I might not be. Why not just run an IP trace? Or has your brain imploded from thinking up all of those seriously droll articles you've concocted over the years? Maybe my posts pretending to be (or not) other 'commenters' should be causing alarm bells to ring? Perhaps your website needs some form of registration system, so that imitating (or not) other 'commenters' can be prevented?
    • Andy D.
      He isn't the same Gunn - he's been making withering comments under multiple aliases since last March. That's right people - nine months repeatedly returning to a website that he seemingly can't stand. If I was him I'd be having a serious look at how I fill my day.
  • Brian
    Hi, Brian here. I liked his film called "Singing in The Rain".
  • Gunn
    Andy, if this website is a day job for you, I'd be more concerned with how I filled my own day nevermind someone else's. Also, I never technically said I can't stand the site, just that when something of genuine interest appears on it, all you do is brag "Oooo, look at us - we have access to thousands of PRIVATE customer details" Who gives a flying shit if you intended to do the honorable thing and report it, the honorable thing would have been to do that and JUST that, and not post about it on here, slow news day or not! For the record, your website sank to entirely new levels of depravity with that article regarding 3 - what'll be next? "Hey you guys, take a look at what I found in my arse hair this morning!"

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