Deal Attack - Amazon 29p albums NOW!

A few days ago, someone at Amazon pressed the wrong buttons in the wrong order and scores of keen-eyed HotUKDeals readers bagged themselves loads of free album downloads.

Something similar has happened today, although it’s not quite the same free-for-all. HUKD member HedgyHoggy has spotted a bunch of albums available for download at just 29p each.

Artists featured in the offer include The Killers, Kings Of Leon, Metallica, Blur, Hannah Montana, Coldplay and Abba. No more jibber jabber – from us; get over there and fill your boots while you can. The HUKD thread is here and there’s a more extensive list of featured albums here. If you find any more, please add them here or at the HUKD thread.

Happy downloading!

EDIT: Still loads of albums to be found for 29p-99p - get the full list from here

ANOTHER EDIT: Ah bollocks, most of them seem to be singles even though Amazon are listing them as albums. Looks like it's all over. So sad.


  • acecatcher3
    quality, well done to whoever at hukd spotted it, i think itl b fixed by the time i get back from work..nevermind tho!
  • b. o.
    that is the price they should be permenantly. £1 at the most. music is overpriced bullshit
  • Francis R.
    29p for Hannah Montanna? Fuck me, I'd pay at least 30p for that!
  • MrRobin
    I've bought a few but they're not downloading... boohoo!
  • MrRobin
    OK fixed now (proxy settings)
  • HotUKDeals B.
    [...] still a little bit dizzy from the amazing Amazon 29p album download offer that we brought you earlier on, but we’ve just about composed ourselves and are being helped [...]
  • Spaff
    aren`t these just single tracks??
  • Andy
    Nope, whole albums. They just got wise to it and a few have started to leap back to full price...
  • leighroy
    Downloaded the kind of crap I'd never normally listen to along with some absolute corkers. Awesome deal
  • I m.
    Hey, just thought id let you know that these albums (and many more) are available to download absolutely free from a number of sites, just type in "Torrent" in google and download straight away. There also seems to be a bit of porn available also. I dont know why anybody bothers downloading from Amazon and the likes when they require payment, maybe this is a brand new technology that nobody else has heard about?!!
  • Gav
    I downloaded 20 albums!! woohoo! Finally a deal I got in on!
  • To a.
    The reason why people don't use Torrents is because it's ILLEGAL and ALL TORRENT INFORMATION is recorded and can be used in court cases even several years down the line. For example just two days ago a woman in the US was fined $1.9 MILLION for sharing 24 music files online. If you share ANY copyright files with anyone else then you can be held legally responsible for all subsequent downlaods and all financial losses due to lost sales. Hence the £1.2 million fine for the housewife above. Similar cases have taken place all across europe including the UK. My question is why don't YOU think you'll be caught?
  • To a.
    Link regarding the case:
  • 5 B.
    [...] Amazon 29p albums: When you’re as enormous as Amazon, you’re bound to misplace a decimal now and again. [...]
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