David Gray Sells Album Exclusively Through Groupon - His Mum Buys 454 Copies

28 June 2011

David_GrayDavid Gray - the man who warned us that James Blunt was imminent - has released his latest album solely through daily deal site Groupon. That's staggeringly lame isn't it?

The album in question, called 'Lost & Found: Live In Dublin', was made available through the site for £3.76 as a download. It was available for 24 hours yesterday (that's Monday if you're too thick to remember what day it is) and then vanished.

So is this the future of bumping up your sales? Well, not quite as when the deal closed, Gray had shifted a less-than-impressive 454 copies. This is despite the fact it was filled with exclusive tracks not available anywhere else.

Still, if the content is dismal, insipid, pedestrian dad-pop, it doesn't matter how exclusive it is really.

That said, Groupon are eyeing up a move toward music. They've announced a partnership with Live Nation to sell discounted gig tickets. Thus far, it is US-only, but should it be a success, it is only a matter of time before they roll it out worldwide.


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  • Jay
    Groupon Belfast was selling tickets to LMFAO and Kesha on Sunday @ the Odyssey Arena
  • rocketgirl
    Have ya’ll heard of the artist Pete RG?! If not you’re definitely missing out on a great folk/Americana singer! His music reminds me of a mix between Andrew Bird and David Gray. You can get a FREE download of his song “Baby Steps” http://babystepspeterg.viinyl.com/ Let me know what you think!

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