David Cameron can't get a phone signal in Cornwall - so he's fixing it

23 June 2014

david cameron David Cameron has pledged to improve mobile phone coverage in rural areas- BECAUSE IT HAS DIRECTLY AFFECTED HIM.

Yes, our own Prime Minister can't get a signal when he's on holiday in Cornwall, and he's had to come home for two years running because of it. Therefore he will actually do something about the UK’s ‘not-spots’, where coverage is mostly non-existent.

‘This is a really big issue for people all over the country – the 'not-spots'. he said.

(It's a really big issue for YOU, you mean).

'It's not good enough to say here's the mobile coverage for the whole country' he added. 'You have got to recognise a lot of people are making important calls while they are on the move. We do need to improve the coverage of the mobile phone signal.’

('For Prime Ministers like ME.')

Ministers are now planning to hold talks with mobile phone providers to improve signal quality and share masts, and the government is investing £150m in improving coverage.

Wow. I wonder what else we can force David Cameron to experience so that he does something about them? Poverty? Hunger? Living on benefits?

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  • LD
    Hope he does something about his wife's family's - "sprawling 20,000-acre estate owned by his wife Samantha’s stepfather Viscount Astor" - on the Isle of Jura too then!
  • Billybobjimbob
    What, and you think he doesn't have an armed flunky with an encrypted satellite phone following him 24/7?
  • great s.
    Like everybody in a position of power-does NOTHING about a problem until it affects them

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