Daily Mail tries to smear Glass

25 June 2014

Google-Glass_4 As we predicted yesterday, the Daily Mail has found a way to put a spanner in the UK Google Glass launch.

According to their latest Glass bashing story, it seems that as well as making you look like a knob, Google Glass can be used by spies, surveillance teams and criminals (even worse, FOREIGN CRIMINALS) to peer at your PIN number while you’re not looking.

Researchers from the University of Massachusetts have helpfully developed rather dubious ‘spy cam’ software that can be attached to Glass. It takes a video of people’s fingers tapping in their PIN and recognises 90% of the numbers, just from their movements – from three feet away.

Professor Xinwen Fu, who heads up the research team, said: ‘We are interested in scenarios such as conferences and similar gathering places where a Google Glass, webcam, or smartphone can be used for a stealthy attack.'

(Why Professor Fu? What are you up to?).

As well as finding ways to spy on people’s PINs, the team are also developing a solution to the problem, by creating a secure keyboard that appears on the screen.

But Google are not impressed with this hysterical spy story. They countered:

'Unfortunately, stealing passwords by watching people as they type them is nothing new. We designed Glass with privacy in mind. The fact that Glass is worn above the eyes and the screen lights up whenever it’s activated clearly signals it’s in use and makes it a fairly lousy surveillance device.’

Back to the drawing board, DM.

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