Currys PC World to let you play with VR

htc-valve-vive-vr-headset If you're excited about the imminent VR headsets that are coming our way, but would like to have a go on some without having to stump up shedloads of money for something that might be rubbish, there's some good news.

Currys PC World are going to be having some HTC Vive demo rooms in three of their stores this week.

This is according to Joshua Ball who works for the company, and writes for StartReplay. The post in question has been taken down, presumably because someone got their wrists slapped about the whole leaking of information thing.

Either way, he said that there's going to be live demos, where you can have a go on HTC's Vive at some point this week, at the Currys PC World stores in Leeds, Tottenham Court Road, and Reading. It is thought that they'll be happening on Thursday or Friday.

There's apparently going to be games you can play on the headset, such as Google's Tilt Brush and Job Simulator. The latter is regrettably not a rampage game where you go postal on your work pals, but rather, a literal simulation of doing some menial jobs. Just what everyone has been waiting for, eh?

Either way, when the VR machine comes out, it is looking like it will cost you around £747, which is a preposterous amount of money, so maybe these demos will be the only chance many will get to actually experience what they're like.

The idea of this technology is exciting enough - 360-degree motion tracking, and a 110-degree field of view, where you feel like you're actually inside a game. Could be fantastic if you end up in some war game that's like the intro of Saving Private Ryan. Not so good if you're making sandwiches on Job Simulator.

The whole kit will have 2160 x 1200 combined resolution, and you also get two handheld controllers that have haptic feedback, so your body can vibrate while you twist your head around like someone who has been possessed.

Anyway, if you want to see what the fuss is about, but won't be coughing up £700+ for the experience, keep an eye on Currys PC World, where you'll hopefully get to have a go on the latest technology for free.

This is what it looks like.

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