Creepy Google want YOU to be the face of their AdSense adverts. We show you how you can opt out.

14 October 2013


When Google forced new accounts to sign up to Google+ and GMail it seemed a little strange but now it is clear why  - Google want to make you a part of their advertisements.

Starting from 11th November 2013, Google want to start using your profile photo and name in their AdSense Ads to show that you have given a “+1″ to a product and therefore endorsed it. You can read more about it in their Terms of Service here and how the changes are likely to affect you.

Whilst a bit of Google-bashing feels good, at least they are giving you the option to opt out of these changes by clicking through a few links.

I am sure we have all seen the "sponsored stories" which Facebook create from its users’ activity, and Twitter shows “promoted tweets” from accounts that your friends are already following. In both of these your friends details will appear and there is no option to stop this from happening.

This is how it will look.

So, how do you opt out? Follow these simple steps:

1. Head on over to the endorsement section of your Google account here.

2. Scroll down until you see the setting which details "Shared Endorsements in Ads".

3. Uncheck the box which Google have kindly already opted you in to.

Is this something which you are overly concerned about or will you be leaving that box checked and allowing your mug to feature in adverts across the internet?

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  • Reader
    You can opt out of having a google plus account you know.
  • jiggle
    you will only appear as a +1 in ads that are looked at by people who follow you on G+, so it doesn't get seen by everyone, just your G+ friends. Which no one has, because no one uses it.
  • PaulS
    Just checked my account and it asked me to OPT IN rather than force me to OPT OUT.
  • Late
    Ditto Paul S. Mine's unchecked by default, and asks to tick it if you want to opt in.
  • jo
    Is it possible to delete your google + and still retain your gmail service? So far havnt found a way to do that :/
  • Owen W.
    Why would you want to opt out? Google rocks!

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