Create energy by jacking off!

27 February 2015

Do you... erm... like to feel pleased a lot of the time? Do you spend your downtime by... umm... beating up the wookie? Well, if that sounds like you, there's a gadget that could help you save the planet while you throw yourself into an onanistic fever.

Those scamps at PornHub have made a video about some wearable technology called the 'Wankband', which basically sits on your wrist and, with the movement of your wrist, creates energy.

With this thing, you can 'love the planet, by loving yourself'.

You work, create the energy and then plug your phone, tablet or whatever, into the wrist band and, hey presto, you're charging your device with the power of love.

Of course, the product is unisex and apparently, you can sign-up as a beta tester for the thing, which you sign-up for over at the smut vendor's site. Might be best to not access that if you're at work, unless you have a great game face and are able to tell your superiors that, yes, you're accessing a dirty site at work, but you're doing it to help reduce their electricity bills.

The power is in your hands.


  • Celebrity S.
    These really do work , i`ve spent many a happy hour "charging" my device recently watching Katie Hopkins on Celebrity Big Brother that i`m now selling the surplus energy produced to the National grid.......Quids in !!!!
  • Fat H.
    Beta tester? Don't you mean beater tester.
  • Fat H.
    This is a load of wank. How much wanking would you have to do to recoup the cost of the device in the first place? Rather than a feed-in tariff on my electric bill I could ask for a feed the pony tariff when doing the missus.

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