Count down to your death with fancy new morbid watch

16 October 2013

tikker Looking at you lot, you've clearly wasted most of your lives impotently shouting at things or basking in the glow of some flaccid righteousness after proving someone was wrong for simply liking something.

You'll kill yourself with all that stress... and it just so happens that there's a special watch you can buy which will count down to your inevitable heart attack. In fact, you don't need to be highly strung to buy this gloomy timepiece. It'll count down to ANYONE'S death.

The gizmo is called Tikker and it counts down the seconds ebbing away from your life until you perish and join the choir invisible.

Fredrik Colting created the watch after his grandfather’s death made him realise ‘nothing matters when you are dead, what matters is what we do when we are alive’. To use the watch, you fill out a questionnaire that asks you about your life and then, it predicts your death. It is supposed to make you value your life and grab it by the horns, but most people will probably stand naked in their kitchens, simply staring at it, crying.

A Kickstarter page has been set up and, if funds are raised, you'll be able to buy a Tikker for about £36. Click here to find out more.

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  • WoNkEy H.
    Do you get a refund if you die and there's still time on the clock?
  • shiftynifty
    Tick Tock...Tick Tock...the clock is ticking
  • Van C.
    Have they solved the problem of a battery that'll last the next 60 years? (I'm being optimistic about my life span here)
  • Ben T.

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