Could your laptop battery blow up a plane?

4 February 2014

airplane Well, it might sound a bit over the top, but the Civil Aviation Authority think that lithium batteries can pose a ’significant fire risk’ when taken on an aircraft.

What’s more, everyone from the nun in seat 7A to the girl who likes her coffee just like her men has got a laptop or a tablet with a potential explosive device inside it.

On the average flight there can be 500 lithium batteries on board –inside laptops, phones, or even watches. But it’s not official batteries bought from respectable sources that pose a risk – it’s cheap knock offs, from what the CAA call 'questionable sources.'

The CAA are working with their US counterparts the Federal Aviation Authority to highlight the problem and make sure that cabin crew are trained in dealing with temperamental batteries on aircraft. A film is being made to alert (terrify) cabin crew and passengers to the risks, and as lithium batteries can melt, cause small fires, and fly 5 metres in the air if they explode, it’s probably a good idea.

There have been several incidents of smoking bags and exploding gadgets on American flights already, and although it’s very rare - so rare that there won’t be an actual ban on lithium batteries on planes - you should probably think twice about checking in that hooky PiePhone you bought off eBay.

After all, you wouldn’t want it to cause the grizzly deaths of hundreds of people at 30,000 feet, would you?

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  • Trolley D.
    Look at that old Trolley, I know I'd like to blow it up
  • cinderella
    Boeing use dodgy batteries. Best to use Easyjet & give Ryanair the elbow.
  • Mark W.
    I think you meant 'GRISLY' not 'grizzly'.
  • Dixon
    I don't know - he's just giving you the bear facts.

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