Control computers... WITH YOUR EYES

9 January 2012

Okay. The future is really happening now and in a really, really mental way. It's hard not to be excited (unless you're playing the 'never get excited about anything ever' card because you're simply too cool to hedge your bets on anything, ever).

Anyway, basically what we have here is a Windows 8 computer which you can control with your eyes. The technology is made by Tobii, which along with software and hardware, calibrates your eyes and enables you to navigate your screen simply by looking at it.

There's no word about when this is going to hit the market, but this is exactly the kind of sci-fi fairy tale advancement that should be happening! It makes Microsoft's Kinect look like an abacus. Amazing stuff. You can watch the video above or, if you prefer, you can watch Gizmodo's video which is better by clicking here.

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  • james D.
    I have only one thought, BOOM headshot!
  • Grumpy
    This has been around for YEARS. I was using this eye-movement detection crap back in 2008. Microsoft are amateurs.
  • Mike H.
    This is gonna be great for PC porn, now I can use both hands and keep the keyboard/mouse clean.

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