Contactless payments up to £30

1 September 2015

contactless-payment We told you before about contactless payments going up to £30 before, and understandably, many of you probably thought it was too good to be true. You couldn't imagine a world where such a beautiful thing could exist.

Well, it has finally happened! The single payment limit for a contactless card transaction has been bumped up to £30 from £20! This is our moon landing. This is everything we'd ever wanted. Human endeavour has peaked. We might as well give up on all projects now, as this won't be topped.

This increase also affects smartphone payments like Apple Pay, and the rest, which lets you buy stuff by wafting stuff at a machine without entering a PIN number. PIN numbers eh? They're like the dark ages.

Of course, with such a glorious development, some places won't be able to offer the new limit because they haven't updated their software. Go easy on them. Such huge life-changing events can take time to form in people's minds.

The UK Cards Association said there's 58 million contactless cards in the country, and last year, over £2.5bn was spent using them. The places that are accepting these payments are growing too. It is like living in a science fiction film. Corner shops will sell lazer guns next, and Boots will probably have suicide booths or something.

Richard Koch, who has a name that has been tittered at since he was born, is the head of policy at the UK Cards Association, and he said: "Contactless payments are fast, easy and secure and use the same robust encryption technology as chip and PIN. Consumers are increasingly choosing contactless as a way to pay and the new £30 limit will give shoppers and retailers even more opportunities."

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    Only morons say "Pin numbers".
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