Consumer group accuse Google of being data nonces

The questions over whether or not Google are evil is one that will continue to be debated endlessly, at least until The X Factor comes on at 7.30pm tonight. But over in the USA, someone is getting up off their ‘ass’ and doing something about it.

A shadowy group that call themselves Consumer Watchdog are very much of the opinion that Google are evil, going so far as to rent video advertising space in Times Square, New York City to tell anyone who’ll listen and look.

They’ve taken an interesting approach as well, casting Google head honcho Eric Schmidt as some kind of data paedophile, portraying him as an ice cream man who gives away free treats to the kids while running a seedy data harvesting operation in the back of the van.


[Info World]


  • zleet
    What a load of shit. Pretty sure every internet entity be it a shop or a search engine collects data on you. Don't see them battering down the door of the credit card companies because they monitor your purchase history. Not a fan of having my mega porn sessions logged but putting out a pathetic animation equating collecting information to the CEO being pseudo kiddy fiddler seems a little over the top.
  • Mr S.
    Whoa, Eric Schmidt is Pennywise? That is some scary shit right there.
  • The B.
    Why? If you don't want Google to use your requests then don't use Google products. Don't want to be on Streetview, ask them to remove you. Phorm is a far greater evil than Google could ever hope to be.
  • NellieIrrelevant
    What a ludicrous, nasty piece of polemic - right down to the incitement to mob violence at the end. It's well known that Facebook has a far more cavalier attitude to people's privacy, so where's the offensive hysterical campaign against them?
  • Clarence M.
    rosa parks

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