Computers that can teach other computers to play Pac Man

2 April 2014

Once, humans were the only things that could tell computers what to do. We were the boss of computers - their living, breathing overlords.

But now researchers at Washington State University have done something that could be potentially wonderful/terrifyingly apocalyptic. They’ve developed a computer that can teach another computer what to do. And now, they’re playing Pac Man.

Dr Matthew E. Taylor, AI professor at WSU, (who sadly does not look like Johnny Depp in Transcendence), has created a method for a ‘teacher’ computer to give instructions to a ‘student’ computer. Algorithms have been designed to give the computer specific, regular pointers at the right times, which means that the student computer can learn.

Timing is crucial, but the boffins at WSU have been successful enough to program the teacher computer to teach it its ‘student’ to play simple videogames. And the most INSANE thing of all is that now, the student computer is better at Pac Man than the teacher computer.

Gulp. But how long before the student computer decides to BLOW UP THE UNIVERSE?

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