Commodore 64 to be relaunched

26 August 2010

1982_commodore 64

Remember Commodore 64s? They had nice graphics but shit games if I recall. Not a patch on the ZX Spectrum. They weren't even as good as the Amstrad CPC464. They were better than Acorn Electrons though.

Anyway, the Commodore 64 is going to appear in shops to buy all over again, but this isn't some emulator or iPhone app. This is a Commodore 64 with modern things inside it.

Commodore USA unveiled the new version a while ago, before discovering that they didn't have the rights to the name as they'd been negotiating with the wrong people. We can only hope they had been talking to Lionel Richie and the rest of the Commodores.

According to president and CEO Barry Altman, his company plans to offer an all-in-one PC that uses an "exact replica" of the original Commodore 64 chassis, and it will be called the Commodore PC64.

Due to hit shelves later this year, he tells The Reg that "it will be an exact replica of the C64 chassis loaded with the most amazing components available today."

This means it'll be loaded up with the dual-core Intel Atom D525 CPU with Nvidia Ion2 graphics, 4GB of DDR3 memory, 1TB hard drive, DVD/CD optical drive, integrated 802.11n WiFi, and a 6-in-1 media-card reader. Let's just hope it doesn't have those clunky Lego brick keys that make such a racket and that you don't have to type in a load of crap with "RUN" before you have to use it.

This all sounds a bit ridiculous to us and we're not entirely sure there's a market for what is essentially a thing that only fanboys would be interested in. In fact, those fanboys have probably been tinkering with old units and got them working with modern bits inside them already. Let's hope the knock-on from this is the rerelease of some classic old games for the various consoles on the market.


  • Gunn
    That is bizarre, its just a custom box then. But suppose there could be a spate of Atari ST's or Amiga 500 with the latest hardware crammed in, bound to burst into flames after one hour.
  • Andy
    Not a patch on the Speccie? Rubbish. VIC chip (Sprites, smooth scrolling), SID sound chip, shadow RAM (so you could actually access 64K), raster interrupts. Vastly superior and yes the games were good. And the Amstrad was just pants.
  • David
    will be interesting if you have to load everything up from a cassette tape lol
  • Lumoruk
    If you make this a prize in the next competition I'll not only join you on twitter I'll join your on facebook AS WELL, what do you think to that then MOF?
  • meee
    Old news. Zzzzzz.....
  • Bald D.
    Not a patch on the ZX spectrum, most amusing.
  • Andy a.
    Awesome, I would definitely buy that just for the nostalgia reasons, the C64 was the first computer I ever owned and it was far better than the Spectrum!
  • Officer D.
    Paradroid ftw
  • The B.
    I had a ZX81 and then a Spectrum, the Commodore 64 blew the Spectrum away (even though Speccy owners would argue otherwise), I was especially envious my mate who had a C64 and a modem (apart from telex, that was a bit of a pointless purchase). Most of the games for the Speccy were out on the C64 anyway, and Alan Minter programmed for it, whereas we got Matthew Smith so an even swap there then. Anyway, this is crap, if it was a replicated C64 then I'd be interested as I fancy doing a bit of Z80 basic but other than that, nah.
  • Spark
    Want that now.
  • IfYouCopyMyNameYouAreGayIsGay
    The only people that ever claimed spectrums were better than C64's, were poor children whose parents couldn't afford to buy them shoes as they spent their last giro on their spectrum. Ha. Mof had no shoes when he was little.
  • Andy t.
    I think the author is getting the C64 confused with the Vic-20 which with its 3.5k of RAM was a bit pants.
  • Rich
  • klingelton
    i was excited until i read that it would be basically a pc. i learned to program on a c64 - bouncing balls and that. everything about the c64 was better than the zx81. especially if you had the rubber keys like my mate did, oh and he had no shoes either.
  • Palmface
    They already tried to relaunch the Commodore brand two or three years back with a range of high-end PCs. Sod knows whatever happened to those.
  • klingelton
    gaming pc's are dead. long live consoles...
  • -]
    The C64 was better in every respect except its ugly, blocky graphics . There the speccy won hands down.
  • Pete
    Another 'defend the C64' comment. ZX Spec was innovative as a machine but games for the C64 were most definitely not 'sh*tty'. The Speccie had very poor sound/music which really affected arcade-like games like Spy Hunter, Loco, and (my own personal fave) the way of the explodng fist. Then there was Falcon Patrol, Zaxxon, Battlezone, blah de blah

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