Commercial Break: Woolworths - the name that refused to die

25 June 2009

Woolworths are back, back, BACK! They’re now an online-only concern and are part of the Shop Direct family which also including Empire Stores, Littlewoods and Great Universal. All renowned for their fairness and blinding customer service.

The new, slimline Woolies have narrowed their product categories down to just toys, childrenswear, entertainment and party. So you won’t be able to get travel plugs and sewing kits from them anymore. But you will still be able to get pick ‘n’ mix so it’s not all bad.

Here’s a preview of the new company’s cinema ad that launches on July 4th. It bored the arse off of us to be perfectly honest, but then, we can’t think of any reason why we’d be shopping at Woolworths in 2009 anyway.


  • Andrew R.
    It's totally shite - tried the Pic n Mix section before. Hardly works, is poorly built and can only order in 100g batches. Delivery charges over £5 go up exponentially (i.e. you pay through the face, nose, hands and stomach for a pic n mix delivery whatever the price.) And they haven't got nearly the selection that was in my local Woolies! I like Pic 'n' Mix, I do.
  • Joff
    The only thing well worth buying would have been the pick n mix, had they not priced it close to the value of gold. I wouldn't trust some Littlewoods warehouse operative to supply my tuck shop fayre, I'd rather leave it to experts like A Quarter Of ( Littlewoods would only come back 3 months later and demand the sweets back anyway.
  • Craig E.
    I'd agree with Andrew, whilst Pick 'n' Mix from Woolies is great for nostalgia, at the end of the day it's not being provided by the original Woolworths, it's being provided by a company that bought the rights to use the Woolworths name - what's nostalgic about that... especially at the whopping price point. I have 3 Wilkinsons, 3 WHSmiths and 2 Asdas near me all selling Pick 'n'Mix at alot cheaper. I'd rather buy from them.
  • Nobby
    Surely the point of pick and mix is that you are tempted by it when you see it and you buy it to eat it there and then (or in the cinema or something). What's the point if you have to order in advance and wait for it to be delivered?
  • Nobby
    Hmm. I got bored after 30 seconds. What do I remember? A load of balls. Lucky for them they don't put the Woolworths sign until the end.
  • Tom P.
    I went and had a look at the "Parties for Grown ups" section, and there wasn't a butt plug, strap-on or rabbit in sight.
  • James R.
    Let's just hope that none of the brainless fuckwits from the old woolworth are involved in this venture
  • Adam A.
    I've been helping with the relaunch and noticed all your comments. Your deedback is very useful and important for Woolies right now - if you have a spare mo please submit your ideas here: Thanks!

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