Commercial Break: Sexist chainsaw massacre

If you’re someone who has to spend their whole day half-slumped in front of a computer keyboard, your time is almost certainly spent dreaming of razing the entire fucking office to the ground with a chainsaw. We feel your pain.

But the trouble is, your employer has a strict ‘no chainsaw’ policy and your ordinary arms, legs and pieces of stationary just aren’t capable of doing the kind of damage that you yearn to inflict on your ‘workspace.’

Thankfully, there’s now the i.Saw, a keyboard-sized USB-powered chainsaw that you can smuggle into work in your bag. Plug it in, rev it up and destroy the scene of your unending misery. AND there's a foxy lady wielding it in the ad. Feel better already don't you?


  • Martin
    That's a tranny.
  • Mike U.
    No fucking way a USB powered device can do that I'll take a fire axe and a 9mm beretta with a 16 shot clip anyday!!!
  • numberwang
    a 5v chainsaw? or just another attention seeking apple hoax man they're clever
  • Big D.
    yeah, note the apple branded USB lead, who but apple would be arrogant enough to use that
  • Amanda H.
    I want to start a petition to remove the letter "i" from the alphabet.
  • pauski
    @ Amanda, lol! There s not doubt, we would'nt mss t. Or could t be replaced wth somethng dfferent?
  • ctuk
    @pau me myssed thys story, the letter's not needed, it can be replaced easyly with Y, we'd just need to change our understandyng of the englysh language.
  • ctuk
    ^ -it + yt (fayul)
  • homelite p.
    Does anyone here know where a good place is to get some good safety gear for using a chainsaw? I just got a new saw and am cutting wood for my new stove. I really could use a good pair of gloves and glasses. Let me know if you have any suggestions. Thanks!

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