Commercial Break: The Nexus One - open with care

21 January 2010

Look, we don’t want to keep rubbing it in, but unless you’re avid Bitterwallet reader Jordan Hall from Whitby, you didn’t win our recent Google Nexus One competition. Sorry and that.

Jordan sent us an angry email earlier demanding to know why his Nexus One hadn’t arrived yet so we’ve had to stop playing with the phone and carefully repackage it as if it were new. But for what?

Here’s a Nexus One ad that will show exactly what will happen in Jordan's place of dwelling tomorrow when his fucking phone arrives. For data protection reasons, the part of Jordan is played here by some tiny ninjas.


  • Jordan
    Lol love how exaggerated this post is - angry as oppose to excitedly inquisitive Still, cheers guys - awesome prize. Even if it has been manhandled lol
  • Jordan
    Hey, it's Jordan here (Honestly, it is!). I just moved to Glasgow - any chance I could email you my new address? /me ponders about whether his evil plan to get a free nexus one has worked
  • Jordan
    lol nice try :P
  • Jordan
    No I'm Jordan!!
  • Jordan
    I'm Jordan, and so is my wife.
  • Tom
    I don't get it.
  • Chris
    Apparently, nobody is... apart from Jordan :-(

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