Commercial Break: The kids show us all about the Internet

22 October 2009

“What’s a web page – something ducks walk on?” Yes son. Yes it is.

Here’s a 1990s public service announcement from the United States of Stars & Stripes – in it, unconcerned parents leave their kids alone with a computer and the worldwide webernet so that the younglings can educate each other in the joys of online browse-surfing.

Everything is covered, from screensavers to news to rudimentary cartoons of naked warrior women. In some ways, the Internet hasn’t changed a bit since this informative film was made. But in thousands of millions of other ways, it’s gotten much slightly worse.

The Internet – be careful out there. Some of it is not suitable for work. Like small bits of this…

[Everything Is Terrible]

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  • The B.
    Those kids are now grown up and registered on the sex offenders registers of 23 countries including those of 47 US States.

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