Commercial Break: Spacey ad does the hurty thing to our brainy things

Before we forensically examine this new Kevin Spacey advert cameras, let’s deal with the ‘Hasn’t he got ENOUGH money?’ argument. If someone came up to you and offered you an aching bundle of hard cash in exchange for filming you prancing about like a tit for half a minute, you’d take it eleven times out of ten. That basic human urge doesn’t disappear just because you’ve been in a score of highly-regarded movies and K-Pax.

So, on to the ad itself. Some questions need to be asked. Why is Spacey standing like that? Has he succumbed to a particularly violent attack of rickets?

What has happened to his face? Spacey was never a matinee idol but the front of his head looks like it’s been replaced with a scale model of the surface of the moon that's been buttered and had a couple of raisins added on for eyes. What is going on?

What the foo is ‘the hurty thing' that Spacey speaks of? A photograph that hurts every time you look at it? I’ve got one of those – it stems from my seventh birthday party when, at the height of my obsession with comedian Kenny Lynch, I asked to be blacked up. You can snigger but we’ve all done it.

Spacey tells us: “Don’t be a tourist.” We say: “Don’t be such a wanker.”


  • Mark M.
    at this rate of Kevin Spacey adverts on tv, he'll star in every single one, apart from safestyle uk by this time next year...
  • Mike 2.
    Hi, Just wanted to add a comment as It's the anniversary of my first ever comment on BW (I think, can't be arsed checking) As many of my fans will know, I don't bother posting here any more, 1. Because it's shite, 2. Because my ass is moderated to fuck (oops) So just a quick hi to all my twaters, you can still (not) follow me on twatter. Toodles
  • NobbyB
    That hurty thing - what he means is this is a joke camera, like clowns have. You press the button, and out shoots a fifteen foot long extendable arm with a boxing glove on it.
  • Jeffrey A.
    Just imaging if every ad that Kevin Spacey starred in had music from the Moby album Play. How fucking annoying would that year be???
  • Jeffrey A.
    Why does the "don't be a tourist" remind me of "eat smacky smores"?
  • Tomas K.
    You are sooooooo funny, I nearly wet myself. But seriously, I would love to see some people doing some spoof versions, has anyone got the talent?
  • Elizabetti
    What the hell does he mean by hurty thing? This advert is drivin me mad he may as wel be talkin in another language!

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