Commercial Break: Some light blasphemy from Italy for Easter

It’s almost Easter, and those of a Christian persuasion are gearing themselves for some thinking about Jesus, even more so than usual. The kind of thinking they don’t want to be thinking about is thinking about Jesus tied to a bed, crucifix-style as a dominatrix prepares to give him a good lashing.

An allusion to God, as ‘Jesus’ looks upwards and appeals to his unseen dad for help, doesn’t make things all that much better really. But that’s the scene in a controversial Italian advert for Nodis bluetooth earpieces, that has aired on the national TV channel Italia 1. The channel, you won’t be stunned to learn, is owned by Silvio Berlusconi. Bunga bunga everybody, bunga bunga.

Would it have been any better if it had been the Easter Bunny strapped to the bed? We doubt it.

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