Commercial Break: Load of old balls from Sony for Wimbledon

One of the most memorable ads of recent times was the Sony Bravia one. Like the first time you ever take ketamine, it was one of those things that made you see life in a way you could never have imagined before.

Wow – there’s so many balls. And they’re ALL rolling down a hill! Someone could get killed but what a beautiful way to die! And so on and so on, with the advert scooping up awards and plaudits as it bounced along on its merry way.

Well now it’s BACK, to coincide with Sony having something or other to do with a 3D broadcast of the finals weekend at the upcoming Wimbledon tennis tournament. Except this time it’s mostly CGI work. And all the balls are the same colour. And the ad isn’t in 3D. And we’re sick of the whole thing.

Never mind – COME ON TIM!!


  • Mark C.
    Wow, way to go. Take your own genuinely awesome advert and then crap all over it with a tacky Happy Shopper remake.
  • Esarty
    That woman seems totally retarded when she looks at the escort she hired to watch telly with her
  • Plumley W.
    Errr. I don't get it. Am I supposed to be looking at this with some of those stupid-ass glasses on one of those 3D TV's? Bad tune tho.
  • The B.
    First time I took ketamine I puked, as did 2 others, everyone else was fine, it's a nasty drug.

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