Commercial Break: Google road-test the Nexus in the middle of nowhere

Google’s Nexus tablet is pretty much guaranteed to be a hit – and if that wasn’t already a dead cert, it is now that they’ve cobbled together a nice advert for it.

It features a father and son showcasing the Nexus’ many features as they enjoy a camping holiday in the American wilderness. But hang on, isn’t the Nexus a wi-fi-only device?

Ah, you’ll see how they get around THAT little snag if you can be arsed to sit through the whole ad…


  • Zleet
    Looks a nice device, good size and good price. I would only ever get a wifi only tablet as I already pay for internet on my phone so I would just tether.
  • ab
    Quite a reasonable ad, really.
  • james D.
    I see you neglected to post my comment. 1. most of the features shown are offline features. 2. He could tether to his smartphone. 3. If you actually watched the ad to the end you would see they are in their garden.

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