Commercial Break: Daddy's got a surprise for his little girl

Here’s that golden moment that happens in every father-daughter relationship – the moment when Daddy presents his little girl with her first desktop computer.

It’s all there – she immediately identifies the brand of PC, he gives her a quick rundown of its specs, then… erm, he reveals that inside his cupboard is a collection of many more pristine, untouched PCs.

So it’s not really his daughter? He’s going to kill her then lure in his next victim with a fresh desktop? What’s the real story here? Maybe it’s all perfectly harmless and within half an hour she’ll be exchanging dirty online talk with a 56-year old lorry driver from Rotherham.



  • him
    Haha what a poor advert, Gateway sounds like a brand of cow dung.
  • acecatcher3
    lol at this title thought it was gonna b about paedophiles or something!
  • Alan
    Just think that thing cost about £1000 and probably only had a 486 dx2/66mhz processor. I have a 486 dx4/120mhz AMD which unfortunately is worth more to use as a door stop, lol.

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