Commercial Break: Back to the future with AT&T

Gosh! Golly gosh! Golly gosh, cripes and, indeed, crikey! Get a load of this future-gazing from 1993, in a series of AT&T ads from the US Of America.

They were made a whole SEVENTEEN years ago, but confidently and correctly predict stuff such as e-reading, video phone calling, portable computing, video on demand and the 2010 X Factor win by Matt Cardle. Okay, maybe not that last one. But the other stuff and more.

We’re off to bang on the door of AT&T’s research and development nerve centre to see if they’ll tell us what 2027 has in store for us. It’d better be edible hamsters that grow on robot trees…


  • Pedant
    Have you ever seen the future with a machine like Ben Affleck in Paycheck? Frightening.
  • ElBuc
    So where DID Jazz come from?
  • ray
    all future wonders from at&t delivered by Magnum himself (could have been Indiana Jones ) Tom Selleck
  • Avenue n.
    What about Filmed "Happy slapping", and Nigerian E-mail scams, bet they never envisaged that.

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