Commercial Break: 3 go back to the future

When it comes to mobile phones, 3 are probably the most maligned of all the network service providers – rightly so, we reckon, because they’re shite.

But they’re making an effort these days, as this new advert shows. In a spoof Rocky IV, they’re showing us that they’ve got a team of top boffins beavering away in a secret underground bunker (hmm, where did they get THAT idea from) and on the ground, in an attempt to boost their network coverage.

Unfortunately, it just looks as though 3 are operating with some 25-year old ramshackle technology and the ad gives the overriding message that 3 are shite.

Ah well…


  • Tom
    WTF is dis real?
  • raptorcigs b.
    yep it says shite,real old shite
  • raptorcigs b.
    the bossy bitch pissed me off too
  • Ian D.
    "...and the ad gives the overriding message that 3 are shite" No need to trouble the ASA then.
  • parpparp
    Tactical usage of the word "even".
  • Biffy
    HTC Desire at 0:23 <3
  • TheIllegitimateSonOfGunn
    3 can suck my balls. Whatever issues you guys might have with Vodafone, they pale in compare to the wonders of 3! I got trapped in a 12 month contract with a shitty tariff, couldn't get a signal OUTSIDE my house never mind inside and their customer service department is India based, so you get a bunch of fucking retards on the other end of the phone who struggle with basic English - attempting to cancel the aforementioned contract was a damned nightmare, being kept on hold for 30 minutes each time listening to fucking 'welcome to the house of fun' by madness played over on a loop, only managing to cancel 3 months (a suspiciously appropriate number) after the contract legally ended! Saw this ad on TV the other night. Signal booster my arse, it's probably something you'd have to pay extra for anyway!
  • Klingelton
    yep, 3 royally bum fucked me several years ago as well. No concept of customer service. They gave me a broken handset, then blamed their network, then blamed their handset, then refused to replace their handset, then accepted liability and opted to replace only to recind on that comment durnig the next phone call, then call me back to ask me what time i'd like it delivered, to deliver it at an entirely different time and deliver a hand set that didn't work. for 9 months of my 18 month contract with 3, i couldn't use my phone. oh, and free internet my arse. lying fuckers.
  • Munkeycop
    That voice at the end, is that the fonejacker guy? Have '3' linked themselves with the person who does the hopeless 'free ringdings' customer support character? Smart move!
  • Touchwood
    I'm on the home straight guys, with just under 6 months left of my 18 month contract. Can't get a signal at work; can barely get a signal at home. If they've been boosting their signal they certainly haven't turned the knob to 11 in my neck "o" the woods!
  • zacspeed
    Same story as TheIllegitimateSonOfGunn for me too. I wouldn't give 3 the steam off of my shit!
  • m_jack
    *smug mode* 3 have been ok for me
  • Klingelton
    well, wait until you need something from them, like a working phone!
  • zacspeed
    ....or signal
  • DrDark
    Seconding m_jack: 3 have been perfectly fine for me for over 3 years. Every, and I mean literally EVERY, network has its problems and share of complaints about it. 3 is almost better than average. Orange have been successfully sued for a bad signal before, and 3 often come out at the top 2 of best 3G coverage. I did have a couple of problematic calls with their customer services early on, but to my recollection the last 3 or 4 calls I had were stellar; proving that not everyone in India is a "fucking retard" unlike some racist morons would like to suggest. End scene.
  • Mike U.
    DrDark, I agree with you, every network has issues, but I'm contemplating leaving 3 after 5 years, I get the impression they don't care about their existing customers and they try to lock you into a contract that will have you bumming a pineapple for 18 months.
  • DrDark
    @Mike Unt: I'm sorry to hear that, and I do know that these things happen, but two weeks ago I spent 15 on the line to a guy almost begging to give me an iPhone (which they don't sell on the site) but I wouldn't take it 'cos I'm not an Apple fan. It was an 18month contract offering (but that seems to be standard for any high end device on any network these days - I've seen things as dumb as 36 month contracts on Orange's site). I stuck with a lower end device to save a bit of money, and don't really need a new phone anyway. Not saying that'd work for you. Indeed it's probably best to shop around or move. It's just that, same as I can say I had a good experience and realise that someone might have a bad one, I don't get why people who join sites to complain automatically thing everyone is having their same bad experience. Anyway, I tend to rattle on when posting on these things; hope you find a nice deal somewhere.
  • bob
    I haven had a single peoblem with 3 either. Ive got a mobile and mobile brodband contract with them. Always great coverage, I use them all over the UK. When you compare their coverage to every other network you will notice how truely crp all the others are. I bet half the people complaing about 3 havent even had a phone with them before.
  • m_jack
    So we're all in agreement...3 are awesome and we all love them! End of

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