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2 February 2010

It's all about bloody tablets at the moment, innit? Forget about last week, we've moved on. It's been known for some time that Google are developing a version of their new Chrome operating system for tablet devices, and now the first images of how it may look like have surfaced. These mock-ups have appeared on the official Chromium website in recent days, posted by the project's lead designer:

Bitterwallet - the Google tablet
Because Chrome is open-source, there are likely to be plenty of Google-powered tablets springing up in the coming months, and no doubt an official Google piece of kit too; the Nexus One was all about Google showing consumers and manufacturers how best to utilise their Android OS, so a Google tablet wouldn't be unexpected.

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  • Noghar
    Wouldn't it be great if Google crammed it with all the stuff Apple have left out of the iDud? SD card slots, 3g with a regular SIM, decent storage, media streaming, front & back cams... And if it really looked like this (I know that's a big if) with its much slimmer bezel... Jobs would pop a gasket. Sigh.
  • Ebeneezer G.
    What's all this recent fuss about tablets anyway? I remember, not that long ago, the popular 'Mitsubishi' tablet and if memory serves, the 'Green Apple' tablets. Now they were a lot of fun.
  • RockSolid
    still in concept phase, i think apple are going to get there first
  • Fresno L.
    Pretty nice design. Can't wait to check it out!!
  • Mr G.
    "Because Chrome is open-source, there are likely to be plenty of Google-powered tablets springing up in the coming months...". Unfortunately because they are open source and tablet manufacturers will be in a rush this flurry of Chrome tablets will be as hideously ugly and half-arsed as a LibDem politician. This, of course, will push even more of the All-Dosh-and-No-Brains brigade into the eargerly waiting arms of Apple
  • charitynjw
    Yeyyy! Another BW competition!
  • Matilde M.
    Get a drunk driving charge? Get label off the bottle, stick it to your forehead when the officer asks you if you’ve been drinking say no sir i’m on the patch. ?

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