Coming soon - the inevitable Google Store View

google_store_view What fresh hell is THIS? Not satisfied with photographing our roofs and gardens from up above and our highways and by-ways from down below, Google are now starting to take their pics of the insides of public places as well.

Consumerist reader Yankees368 was recently enjoying a snack at a restaurant in New York City when the Google lensman burst in, roared “Nobody move!”* and started snapping away at anything and everything he could see – including Yankees368’s dinner!

It’s part of the new Google Store View project, which is taking shape only with the consent of featured stores. So that’s okay then – and we assume no one will have their wireless data secretly logged while they’re about it.

To be honest, we’re feeling a tad uncomfortable about it all. How long before a Google photog kicks the bathroom door in while you’re busy chopping off Bungle’s fingers and takes a series of pics of the whole gruesome episode? Eh??

*He probably didn't do this


  • Michael
    I think it's great. Having this sort of stuff documented will be fascinating in 100 years time.
  • Vincent
    I was going to ask if that picture taken in the US. And then decided I don't need to ask that question because it was posted by Yankees368 lol
  • David D.
    Sorry but this is the best description for a No.2 I have ever heard!!! "chopping off Bungle’s fingers"
  • Nobby
    @David Dixon, you should read Roger's Profanisaurus for more.
  • joanne
    there goes all the adulterers having it off in seedy hotels shitting their whips....
  • Mattitude
    I've never heard of that expression before - until David Dixon's clarification above, I thought you were advocating torture of the character from Rainbow!
  • blagga
    I like the expression "I have a cigar at my lips" for needing a scooby doo.

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