Coming soon – 3D Yodaphones

6 January 2014

If you’ve always fancied seeing a Star Wars style 3D hologram of your boss asking you why you haven’t optimised that thing going forward, then your dream is about to come true.


A Star Wars obsessed Polish technology company, called (groan) Leia Systems is developing the technology for 3D video phones. The caller positions themselves in front of a fancy camera which has two lenses and a microphone. The images from the two lenses are mixed together and streamed over the web to the person receiving the call. Then – here’s the exciting bit – a hologram machine takes the images and projects them onto a screen of water vapour. OOOOOOOOH.

Marcin Panek of Leia Systems said:
'We are on the frontier of technology that was imagined in movies 40 years ago – it is science fiction becoming science fact. It will be as if loved ones, friends and family are standing right in front of you while you talk with them halfway across the world.

At the moment, our holograms are made using machines that are more than six feet high but we are designing smaller versions that can be set up on a coffee table in a living room.’

So it’s basically Skype with holograms and it’ll be available within the next five years. But while this SCIENCE FACT is thrilling in a way (jetpacks! Flying cars!) you can be sure it's going to take awkwardness to a new multi-dimensional level at the Monday morning conference call.

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