Climbers stranded on Snowdonia after battery fail

Sometimes, technology isn’t going to help you. It’s great when you need to find a restaurant or cheat in a pub quiz, but when you’re attempting to scale the 14 peaks of Snowdonia, your smartphone has its limitations.


Three intrepid (idiot) climbers, who were using Google Earth to navigate one of the most fearsome mountain ranges in the UK, found this out in a big way this weekend when the batteries in their phones ran out. Stranded at midnight, in bad weather, at 3000 feet above sea level, they started to realise that Siri wasn't going to get them out of this one. Luckily, they had enough power left to alert Mountain Rescue, who – understandably - were quite ANNOYED WITH THEM.

Mountain rescue man Chris Lloyd spat: ‘You should not rely on electronic systems for navigation. What you need is a map and compass, and to know how to use them.’

Apparently the three men, who were from That London, had no walking experience, and their kit was very limited. Perhaps they thought that there was a little Vodaphone tent with a charging station on top of the mountain - like a festival, yah?


  • yawn
    It's spelt Vodafone
  • Dick
    I thought there was going to be a happy ending to the story, like the twats had died.
  • Chewbie
    Flex with da FONE

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