Chrome has Dino Run game for when you can't get online

When you've not got a connection to the internet, because it has dipped out without you noticing - if you use Google's Chrome browser, you may be familiar with the little dinosaur that crops up.

Turns out that the little t-rex is a game, and when it appears, if you hit the space-bar, it sets off running. Using the space bar, you jump over birds and imminent cactuses.

It isn't going to bowl you over, but it is a decent little thing.

chrome dino run game

On our first go, after sticking a laptop into airplane mode to see if it was a load of cobblers, we scored 779. Then we felt the immediate pull of it and see how addictive things like this can get.

Either way, nice that Google have come up with this, so you don't have to speak to other humans if your computer crashes.

To get it working, nix your internet connection and try loading a page in Chrome, and hey presto, you'll be playing the Dino Run game in no time at all.


  • FRED
    Cool mentioning "raptorcigs" when will he get his crown?
  • wholenutpeanut
    Anyone managed to get this game working on a tablet? The keyboard and space bar isn't available whilst the T-Rex is on screen...
  • Tom
    More breaking news: a secret cheat code has been discovered in Konami games...
  • nigelgos
    The article should probably mention that it works in mobile chrome too. Toilet fun when you have no signal ;)
  • DAn
    Probably also worth mentioning this has been around for at least 2 years.

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