Christmas is cancelled by Google

ANDROID CHRISTMAS? Don't be stupid. Google have cancelled Christmas! Well, they've cancelled it about as much as those non-Christians have every year, according to the Daily Mail.

See, what's happened here is that Android 4.2 (on phones and tablets) doesn't recognise December. If you want to put someone's birthday into your phone, you won't be able to. Pretty bad news for anyone who can't remember Baby Jesus' birthday.

Google may as well get Santa and piss in his face.

That said, it does seem like Google are aware of this and will no doubt be working on a fix and rolling out an update so your phone isn't living in an 11 month year, but when that will happen, nobody knows.

Maybe Google forgot to pay their way because they'd set a reminder for December, but it didn't show up?



  • Jeremy
    What's happened to all those pretty pictures at the top of this site?
  • Joe S.
    All those pretty pictures got eaten by foxes.
  • Dick
    Don't blame Google. Blame Jesus. He is the one that got his dad to try to protect his identity online, removing his (fictional) birth month so no-one can spoof his data.
  • DGK
    Aren't Android updates exceptionally slow at reaching handsets? Not an Android user... but that's the impression I get from reading about them. Seems if Apple want to push an update, it's splattered over every phone out there within the next 24 hours, Google have to go through the handset manufacturer, and then the carriers?
  • Bishop
    @DGK 4.2 is currently only on the Nexus devices which are updated directly by Google so that's not an issue.

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