Child's BlackBerry catches fire, apparently

Beleaguered BlackBerry manufacturer Research In Motion (RIM) are desperately trying to forget 2012 and it keeps getting worse as reports suggest that an 11-year-old's handset caught fire. They are, of course, investigating. They're also refusing to take the model off the market.

So what's the story? Well, Kian McCreath suffered burns to his leg after his BlackBerry Curve 9320 caught fire, also setting his duvet and mattress alight. McCreath's parents claim he had melted plastic stuck to his legs and had to be rushed hospital.

RIM say in a statement: "A senior member of our team met with the family yesterday to initiate a full investigation into this matter. In order to proceed with this investigation we require the products that were involved in this incident to be made available for a full technical review. At this point in time the family has not provided RIM with the battery or charger for analysis and have said they are unable to locate the device itself. We have a team on standby to conduct this investigation as a priority as soon as the family makes these products available to us."

RIM has marketed the Curve 9230 to the youth market with the advertising slogan of "your social life at your fingertips", not 'your social life in tatters, molten all over your leg and inferno bed.'


  • Tim B.
    In other words, family try to get compo out of RIM, RIM call their bluff, family suddenly can't find the only evidence they have to support their case.
  • sanity
    i smell BS ..and thats not burning skin
  • lolwit
    Hope RIM sue the family for their lies.
  • Chewbacca
    Yeah, scummy fucker looking for compo. Pity they all just didn't burn with the fire. Lying cunts.
  • Richard M.
    There is no case for RIM to answer if the (alleged) offending phone cannot be produced. End of.
  • Haggis
    Maybe the family are withholding the evidence because they don't want Blackberry investigating their own faulty product....
  • Andy
    El-Cheapo eBay battery and a matching snidey, poorly regulated charger will do just this. Google "Lipo fire" to see why this happens.

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