Children of Jobs - iStore arranges "field trips" for kids

Strapping kiddies into chairs, sellotaping their eyelids open and beaming flicking images of Steve Jobs into their eyeballs until they ooze. You can't get away with behaviour like that, which is why Apple have gone with plan B for brainwashing the consumer market of tomorrow.

Forget museums and playing in the ruins of a Roman fort - this is a field trip that does away with all that inclement weather and unsavoury rich educational diversity. It's the The Apple Field Trip - your kids will be shuttled off to their closest Apple store to "create photo albums in iPhoto, edit video in iMovie, build websites in iWeb, make Keynote presentations, or even compose their own songs in GarageBand."

Yessum, trainers and specialists will be on hand to sell your seven-year-old a macbook their parents can't afford right now, given that their home is about to be repossessed and everything. But don't worry about that, because the do get a free t-shirt too. "Just wait till you see the smiles they take home," beams Apple. How entirely selfless of them.

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