Children are being little t***s on Twitter

29 May 2014

girl twitter If you’ve ever wondered about the illiterate trolls on Twitter with the egg avatars and the poor grasp of spelling, then prepare to be amazed – they could be children.

More than 2000 kids, some only NINE, have been reported to police in the last three years for using Twitter and other social networks to send abusive and bullying messages.

The police have reported a huge rise in juvenile online delinquency, with some police forces overwhelmed by their caseloads.

Although 11,292 adults have been arrested for trolling, abusing and threatening others online in the last few years, 1300 children were also officially investigated for spreading online vileness – with 1203 going on to be formally charged or cautioned.

The CPS is having to introduce new guidelines for police, asking them to only respond to incidents that are potentially criminal. As for children under the age of 16, they said: ‘their communications and a prosecution is rarely likely to be in the public interest.’

But police continue to be besieged by worried parents and victims of online child trolls. What to do? Confiscate their smartphones? Chop off their hands?

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