Cheap add-on will sort your MacBook woes

A lot of people have had loads of issues with their MacBook chargers, which of course, Apple haven't been listening to, as they continue their maxim of design at all costs.

Well, if you've been hating on the Apple power adapter, and have found that you've been having trouble trying to plug the thing in for a boost, there's a new gizmo that should be right up your street.

And it is cheap, too.


This little rascal is called The Blockhead and basically, it is a side-facing plug that pops onto your charger.

Apple's standard charger is not idea if you want to use it in a snug gap, like a socket that's down the side of the couch or something, so this little thing could solve your problem without having to get the extension leads out.

As this Blockhead thing puts the adapter in a more natural position, that means less stress for the cord itself (as it hangs down, rather than sticking out) and better yet, it is less likely to fall out of the socket. Basically, Apple should have made this in the first place, but there we go.

It works with Apple chargers rated 12W plus (so it won't be good for older iPads, but great for current MacBooks and iPads).

How much? This will cost you £14, or you can get a two-pack for £25. That might seem like a lot, but it is better than having to buy a new power adapter when the flimsy little cord breaks from being in daft positions.

Have a look and buy one here.

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