Channel 4oD - now with mobile downloads

4od-logo Channel 4 have announced the launch of a new mobile offline viewing service for 4oD, and it is free. Basically, you'll now be able to download shows on your phone or tablet and the service is available on Android and iOS.

All you have to do is sign-up, and then you'll be able to catch-up with shows while on the move. Or sat on the pan. Whatever. And you won't need an internet connection to view them as you will have downloaded them!

Shows will be available for 30 days after broadcast once you've downloaded them, you'll have seven days to watch before it auto expires.

What's paying for all this? Obviously, Channel 4 aren't doing this out of the goodness of their hearts and have signed-up with Nissan, who will have their logo on all download pages.

Sarah Rose, Director of Commercial & Business Development said: “We’re thrilled to unveil our eagerly-awaited free download service on 4oD, giving our viewers even more flexibility to watch our programmes wherever they are, and helping them organise their TV viewing around their busy lives."

“This is the latest development in our Viewer Engagement strategy to reward our now over 8 million and rising registered viewers with exclusive benefits to ensure they get the most out of their Channel 4 experience. Our fast growing database also enables us to deliver more innovative and engaging advertising solutions to our commercial partners including enhanced targeted ad packages – and our valuable young, engaged audience.”

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  • Mr T.
    Can't even watch a prog on my tablet with 4OD! The worst app I have on the tablet.
  • zub
    No patch on iplayer. I can't stand the ads, and you cant skip them. No thanks.
  • Captain W.
    iplayer doesn't really handle channel 4 very well though, does it?
  • LL J.
    Hardly 'mobile'. They've got the same utterly retarded WiFi-only restriction as iPlayer. Why the fuck do they care? The bandwidth costs the same at their end however things get downloaded. Are they getting paid bribes by the mobile phone networks?
  • Wongaporkpies
    tried using the APP. Very limited programme choice, and painfully slow downloads
  • Gavin S.
    Dreadful, no mobile content, WiFi downloads take literally hours. Pointless.

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