Channel 4 bringing new, updated 4OD to us next week

channel4_4od_crave For years, Channel 4’s 4OD streaming telly offering has lagged behind in the shadow of the BBC’s iPlayer but they’ve snazzed and jazzed it up and there’s a revamped version coming at the end of the month.

In case you’ve never used it, 4OD offers a catch-up of the last 30 days of C4 offerings along with LOADS of stuff from the channel’s archives, all on demand, any time you like.

Coming on August 31st, the new version of it will contain ‘My 4OD’ where registered users will be able to…

• Create playlists of episodes and schedule an evening's viewing or simply create a list of shows they want to remember to watch (My 4oD Playlist)
• Keep track of episodes they've watched or started watching (My 4oD History)
• Save favourites in a single place and get in-page reminders from Channel 4 whenever a new 4oD episode is available for them to watch (My 4oD Favourite Shows)

Channel 4 say that the layout of the site will be improved as well, with easier navigation, recommended shows and a full-screen experience that allows you use the My 4OD features without interrupting your full-screen viewing.

An iPhone and iPod Touch app is also on its way next month. It’s all got us in the mood for watching the whole of Vic Reeves’ Big Night Out and G.B.H to be honest…


  • Avon B.
    So will it be available on Sony net-connected boxes like iPlayer and Channel 5? And what about all the ads that nobody watches; they just get peed off having to wait so long?
  • Nesbit
    4OD is far better than iplayer for content.. they have series from 10 years + on there, iplayer has the last 2-3 episodes of any one series, such a joke.
  • Kevin
    More content but at times virtually impossible to get to work. The number of times I've be watching the 2 1/2 minutes of bloody adverts before a programme and then says 'cannot load' (or whatever). Funny how it can play the adverts but not Help My House Is Falling Down isn't it.

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