Celebrities endorsing Snickers through twitter are fine say ASA

Are you following Rio Ferdinand, Cher Lloyd, Katie Price and Ian Botham on twitter? Jesus. You're a monster. What kind of person follows four people like that? Anyway, have you noticed that they've been keen to show off their Snickers?


Well, people were getting their gruds in a bunch about it all, meaning that the Advertising Standard Authority has to wade in and make sense of it all. Were these tweets adverts? An investigation was underway! The first twitter investigation ever! How thrilling.

The ASA investigated whether the celebrities' 'teaser' tweets should have indicated that they were part of an advert and whether the hashtag #spon,  made it clear enough that the tweet was an advert. They said:

“We noted the first four tweets in each series served as ‘teasers’, which, due to their nature, were likely to generate additional interest in the celebrities’ postings. We also noted those tweets did not make any reference to Snickers or to Mars and were posted in relatively quick succession. In addition, we noted that the fifth ‘reveal’ tweets showed the celebrities with the product and included the text “You’re not you when you’re hungry @snickersUk #hungry #spon ...”.

“We considered the combination of those elements was sufficient to make clear the tweets were advertising and that consumers would then understand each series of tweets was a marketing communication. In that particular context, and given the relevance of the first four tweets to the “You’re not you when you’re hungry ...” strap line in the ‘reveal’ tweets, we considered it was acceptable that the first four tweets were not individually labelled as being part of the overall marketing communications. We therefore concluded that the ads did not breach the [advertising] Code.”

A spokesman for the ASA described this decision as a “landmark one” which will invariably open the door for celebrities to start pimping their feed to anyone who'll listen. Thank God for the 'block' function, eh?


  • The B.
    Could you put quotes around the word "celebrities", because these are not celebrities.
  • Mary H.
    "Eat Snickers, be a chav." Apart from 'Beefy' who could do with the cash.
  • g
    i hate that cher lloyd looks fit as fuck. wot a twat she is. still smash it tho, then get involved in a free snicker for dessert
  • E L.
    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?
  • Boris
    I am famished after a hard day at the office. #BorisGobbles
  • Boris
    If only I could find something to fill that post work hunger casim. #BorisGobbles
  • Boris
    I just don't have the energy to bugger a fox tonight. Just too tuckered out. #BorisGobbles
  • Boris
    I wish I had the enery to work, rest and play but it seems that I only have enough energy to do two of these three things today! Pitts there is no easy solution! #BorisGobbles
  • Boris
    Hang on a fucking second! I've still got an ounce of coke and a kilo of caviar! Break out the vixens; good times tonight with @dealer4u pure white! #BorisGobbles #spon
  • Dick
    This really shows British culture at it's best. Past it sportsmen and surgically enhanced women.
  • Boris
    Nom nom nom. My life is more interesting than yours. Because I am better than you you should do as I do, even if you can't afford the high quality coke I get from @dealer4u. Try @DiscountCrack; bargain basement drugs for bargain hunting druggies. #BorisGobbles #spon
  • DiscountCrack
    We have some great deals on a gaping range of prostitutes on at the moment. Some come free with a £50 grab bag of crystals and no need to share as all of our ladies a fully loaded up before they come to you. Have a go tonight and be just like Boris. #BorisGobbles
  • Avon B.
    I like pies, me.
  • Willy W.
    Cunty celebrities will ruin is. I'll be on deathwatch next week. Arseholes.
  • Sicknote
    Four complete and utter cunts eating chocolate, I see nothing wrong there.
  • qwertyuiop
    Sounds like we need a new ASA - if this isn't viral advertising with zelebs paid for endorsement I'll eat my rather large and manky hat!

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