Carphone Warehouse unveil unlimited data tariff

6 April 2011

MowbliThe Carphone Warehouse, which isn't so much a warehouse and certainly doesn't sell telephones designed especially for your car, have unveiled an unlimited mobile data tariff with prices starting at £12 a month.

For your £12 you get 200 minutes per month as well as 200 texts and unlimited data. You can take your pick from a HTC Wildfire, Samsung Galaxy Mini Or Sony Ericsson X8.

If you something a bit better, you have to pay a bit more, obviously. So for the £30 a month contract, you're looking at 750 minutes, 1500 texts and unlimited data and can choose from a Sony Ericsson Xperia Play, HTC Incredible S or a Nokia N8.

You'll have to take out a contract over a 24 month period, which seems to be the only catch.


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  • amin
    What do you mean by "unlimited data" ?
  • Paddy
    You fail to mention the other catch is that it's provided by the CPW. A more useless, Burton suit wearing, bunch of clowns I have yet to meet....
  • Phil
    I take it you've not shopped at Phones4U then Paddy?
  • kv
    amin, I'm sure there's a FUP, there always is
  • Mike
    *Subject to fair use policy, but the good news is the fair use policy does not apply to Talkmobile 'Never pay for the internet' deals.

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