Can't decide between a netbook and a tablet? Why not have both?

15 September 2010


The use of  a tablet is still not wholly clear at Bitterwallet, but suffice to say, we still want one.

And one gimmicky-as-shit way of hooking us in is to make one that doubles up as a netbook as well.

That's exactly what Dell have done with their new Inspiron Duo.

It's a 10" tablet that opens up and transforms, Optimus Prime style, into a netbook and, better yet, they'll be available before the year is out!

Gizmodo report that this new contraption runs Windows 7 Premium and holds a  dual-core Atom N550 processor. It was shown-off at the Intel's IDF conference and Engadget managed to get a video of the thing in action (click here to see it).

There's no word on price for this and no confirmed release date. As soon as we know something, we'll let you know... or, more likely, we'll forget all about it and you'll read it elsewhere.

As gimmicky as this thing is, it looks like a whole load of fun doesn't it?

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  • Andrew
    I'm going to guess a price of £600. Any other guesses?
  • MrRobin
    It looks snazzy but as with most other tablet PCs that have existed before it, it also looks very bulky. Compared to the iPad (obv. the main competitor in this niche) I'd estimate it to be 3 times as thick! Plus, as it's a Dell, it'll probably overheat, the battery will stop holding a charge after a year and it will porobably have all sorts of other flakey components. I estimate £449 for the unit + £199 for the extended warranty you'll need
  • kev
  • ButterMan
    Win7 Premium = 600-900 bracket
  • issac h.
    How did you manage to get a whole year out of a Dell battery?
  • Dazman
    It’s gimmicky but I’m with MrRobin, its chunky as fuck! Plus it looks like if you farted near the thing its screen would drop off. Its also blatantly Windows based which means it’s going to be about as finger friendly as a hairy fox shit.
  • Paul C.
    Would have been better if it popped out and ran on a lower spec.
  • Dazman
    Would be better if it valmorpharized into a Chicken in a can.
  • FooBar
    Fun? It's a Dell. It is possibly one of the crappiest and idiotic looking things I have ever seen. Of course .NET geeks everywhere will love it and someone will port Ubuntu to it rendering it even more blindingly useless.
  • hippy1001
    i like it, if it came out a couple of years ago i would have liked it more, but nowadays with the crappy ipad and the galaxy tablet it is trying to compete in a market that it doesnt get very well. Dell being a rather large company should have by now designed thier own software to run on thier computers making them more money (if they get decent developers), instead of relying on microsoft for what will be a p.o.s bloaty software. and how dare you foobar for saying ubuntu would make it useless! ubuntu would make it cheaper and probably a better experience for the users gullable to buy it.
  • Tim B.
    Would be quite nice if the frame stopped at the hinge points, so you could have it in the pictured orientation without a bloody big bar in the way. As it is, I'll stick with my ancient-but-still-reliable Toshiba M200 for my tabletty-laptop based needs.
  • Spankypants
    Is it just me or does that thing look like it will break the second you look at it? I'll have £449 in the sweepstake please.
  • smashingnicey
    dumber than a bag of polo holes

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